Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Artist Statement

We all have fleeting thoughts, hear short phrases and sounds, have brief encounters, transects, and see scenes and images in passing. Brevity is much of our world today. The world beneath the surface of these moments no matter how transient resonates with me invoking lingering emotions. It is the side of life we will never know, that we do not have time or capacity to learn or understand, the mystery of it all. This is expressed in my work by a sense of stillness and simplicity that allows one to slow down and see more, see deeper. There is a sense of isolation that leads to an inner focus. This is where my art always ends up no matter where it started. It is a package of aesthetics that is ingrained in me.

I am a primarily self taught artist compelled to create by moods and perceptions. I strive for a skilled, rich, beautiful, and layered surface in my paintings. I strive for a glow and an overall atmosphere. I use careful compositions to lead the viewer beyond the surface.

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